Acomb Man
Acomb Man JPG (1)

Stile at the Back’ards towards Acomb Mill
Stile at the Back'ards towards Acomb Mill


Village Pump at the Green
Village pump at the Green (002) (1)

Path from the Green
Bridle Path from the Pant

Acomb Village


The White House and Pant

White House Acomb (1) Former smithy, Townhead The Pant Acomb

The Allotments Garden House Bank
Garden House Bank Allotments

A walk through the Pit Heap Woods to Watersmeet

Pit Heaps 1 Pit Heap woods 5 Pit Heap woods 3 Old Railway 1 Old Railway Bridge Watersmeet 1 Watersmeet 6 Watersmeet 4 Watersmeet 7 Watersmeet and Old Railway Line 2

15 Century Grain Drying Pit
15th Century Grain Drying Pit

View across the Playing Fields
G2 Next to Playing Field 2 G1 Playing Field 3

Consultation event April 2017

IMG_0604 IMG_0603IMG_0602IMG_0601IMG_0600IMG_0599

Consultation event held in May 2016

anp-02 anp-05 anp-04 anp-01 anp-event-210516-6 anp-event-210516-3


A gallery of photographs accumulated during the development of the Neighbourhood Plan

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