June 2015 Parish Council agrees to proceed with Acomb Plan

July 2015 Public meeting to attract interest in Steering Group

October 2015 Formation of Steering Group

November 2015 Approval of Parish Designated Area

December 2015 Neighbourhood Plan Website “live”

February/March 2016 Development of Plan Vision

May 2016 First Public Consultative Open Day

June to October 2016 Housing Needs Survey

June 2016 to March 2017 Development of Vision and Objectives

April 2017 Public Consultation on Vision and Objectives

May 2017 Finalisation of Vision and Objectives

May to November 2017 Development of Policies and Draft Plan on on Draft Plan

February/March 2018 Amendment of Draft Plan

April 2018 Submission of Plan to Independent Inspection

10 January 2019 Local Referendum

August 2018 Neighbourhood Plan adopted

Click on the link below to download a copy of the timetable

Neighbourhood Plan Timetable

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