What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Residents of Acomb have voted in support of proposals to guide future development in the Parish.
19.64% of residents voted with 173 out of 186 voting in favour of the Plan.


What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Neighbourhood planning is an opportunity for communities to help shape their neighbourhoods through legislation passed in the Localism Act 2011. Neighbourhood plans enable communities to develop their vision and objectives for the neighbourhood through land use planning policies.

Neighbourhood Plans form part of the Local Plan for Northumberland. The policies contained within them are used in the determination of planning applications. The policies produced must reflect those in the Northumberland Local Plan currently being produced by Northumberland County Council and national planning policy guidance.

Neighbourhood Plans can be used by parish councils to guide and shape development in a defined neighbourhood area e.g. ​where development will go and what it will look like. Neighbourhood planning is a community-led initiative with support provided by Northumberland County Council. This is Acomb’s opportunity to have a real say on what development goes where and what it looks like! There are 5 major steps in preparing a neighbourhood plan:

Step one: Area Designation
On the 17th​ ​November 2015 the Acomb Parish Boundary was confirmed as the Neighbourhood Plan area.
Step two: Preparing and Publicising the Plan
This will be co-ordinated by the Acomb Neighbourhood Plan steering group.
Step three: Submit the Plan
A formal stage which will include a public consultation on the draft plan
Step four: Independent Examination
This will be organised by Northumberland County Council and will be conducted by an independent examiner.
Step five: Referendum
A public vote in Acomb will take place on the Neighbourhood Plan. Over 50% support for the Neighbourhood Plan is required for the plan to be ‘made’ by Northumberland County Council and form part of the Northumberland Local Plan.

To find out more about Neighbourhood Planning across Northumberland, go to:

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